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Term of use - Convex Digital Solution

Welcome to Convex Digital Solutions. These terms of use identify the terms and conditions of your use of our website and services or any related material or content. You are liable to abide by our terms of use by procuring our services. If you disagree with any of these following terms, pleaser avoids using any of our services to prevent any future inconvenience.

Acceptance of Terms

By procuring our services, you agree to our terms of use. If not, then please do not use our Services.

Client Responsibilities

Once you become a client of Covex Digital Solution, you agree to give us the right information needed to avail of our services. You also abide to provide us with your valuable feedback periodically and any other required approvals that our teams need to ensure smooth service delivery.

Intellectual Property

All the intellectual property that is part of our services inclusive of trademarks, logos, designs, software, and content, but not confined to these only are the sole property of Convex Digital Solutions and its licensors. You are not allowed to use, change, or share this content with anyone without our prior written consent.


Any information shared between client and the Convex Digital is subject to full confidentiality apart from data for business strategies, campaign insights, and client info. Both parties must abide by the confidentiality of the information for all matters other than the intended provision of services.

Payment and Billing

Convex Digital Solution’s fees and payment terms and conditions are highlighted in the pricing section. You are subject to all fee charges outlined in our agreed-upon terms. Failure to make timely payments may result in the suspension or termination of services.


Any party can terminate the services provided through a written notice. With the termination, you agree upon paying for all the services provided until the date of termination. We reserve all rights to terminate or suspend any of our services if you do not abide by these terms of use or take part in any unlawful activity that is against the code of ethics.


Convex Digital has all the rights to change, suspend or terminate any part of our service and the term of use at any time without any notice. You must keep the check of the term of use from time to time for any changes.